Hello world!


Well to start of with .. myself,am  Saranya Srinivasan. An amaetur art lover. Love for nature and unique things out there, and someone who loves talking to dogs. Okay! A pet lover.Love obssesed.Travel and food excites me! Brew love < cos’ a cup of tea is purebliss>

Unlike most of the bloggers , this isn’t really my first blog. i’ve started blogging way too early even before i could understand what actually blogging can do.Its been ages,that i stopped blogging! Then there were times where i started and ended with a hello world post! *sigh*

But this time, when someone showers so much support and boost you with confidence for what you are capable of, finally with no further delay HERE I AM today! To a serious start for my love of colors and creativity! Not just that.  A spot for myself where i can share the world about what i love doing.what i create.what inspires me.what not!? Plus its a nice feeling to start writing to hearts content because you know somewhere in this big wide world your words and pieces of work,love and thoughts are saved for ages as a memory!

This new beginning i hope to possibly keep it alive as long as possible 🙂





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