Huh-oh,Blogging though started swiftly,it isn’t a easy task to keep it regularly takes up whole lotta time for certain types (like mine). Since am unable to spend full time to create and work up things,in my learning process.And to be clear,i sometimes forget i have such a space.I try not to completely forget as i did in my past! *more clearer*

I started up this blog with so much interest and free time in my hands and when i was going nowhere in my life.When i decided to go further with a new journey and worldly exposure.Just like in tales,My life actually started giving me so much to work up,new plans,new decision,literally it started taking me to places.I was a jobless grad. i wanted use my time so wise into my hobby turned passion,instead of wasting my time hopelessly i was enjoying my time learning from very basics and sharing them with lil’ writeups.

I haven’t posted much here<cos’ i dont prefer blank picture posts in my blog, i like to fill them with something that pops on the time of posting,ofcourse there are few blank picture posts,that’s when i post multiples in a day!> but you can check my instagram (@s_haru283) for regular updates.

Now that i have decided to pursue my education,after realizing i need more of it.I’m now in a inspiring stream like INTERIORS. i’m super excited! It’s been already 5 months through the journey as Interior designing Student! Though it’s little hectic cos ,the course is jam packed to fit in a year syllabus. Love doing the Projects ,sketch ups ,coloring,prototypes and such.

Will keep you updated with my stream line art stuffs.


Love Saranya (Sarah).