Digital December!

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How are y’all doing? Uh-oh finally it’s December,the most beautiful time of the year!

November passed like whirlwind,and december started flying * already a week down,Damn!* Whenever i write,i’ll think of a huge list of to do’s for the coming days.But unfortunately i dont end up doing stuffs from my list ,nothing gets checked like last month.A lot of it stands pending,and i wonder when i am going to fulfill those lists.*common blogger problems i guess* 

Its never as easy as we see things,other things come up,though there’s time for updates and such ,there are different priorities peek out of nowhere, family seems interesting so sometimes we just let it be, sometimes the moody freaky lethargic beast encounters, i can write a list of reasons,but i guess it’s okay,it’s common for beginners like me,but it’s not okay for me to be giving reason for not be active. But i’m trying my best to put things together and be active. *Thanks for reading my posts,it boosts me to keep it updated,No matter what!*

This month, i’m learning new things,digital creativity with Photoshop! So this month the post will consist mostly of those  🙂 Keep watching this space, as i’m learning stuffs,i’ll be updating this space with every new work i accomplish 🙂

Beginning with Creative Texting > Neon  


One of the simplest ,easy to understand tutorial > Check for Quick and easy tutorial

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