My first 100..!!


Hello Everyone!

First a BIG Thanks to each and everyone who takes time to read my posts, drop a like and comment 🙂

It might sound silly.. but NO VICTORY IS SMALL!!

In my blogging journey,it’s my first ever total of 100 likes i have received so far since my first post on 19th of October’16 . Its feels awesome and motivating! Thanks to WordPress for keeping that spirit up and for always sending Congratulating notifications!!It inspires to work more and encourages for always believing in working hard and focused progress!!

So i’m writing this to Thank you awesome people for being part in my baby step blogging journey and with your support and love, i’m looking forward for a longggggggggg way to gooooooo ! 🙂 🙂

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Night sky!

Hello world 🙂

Well today was bit busy day to me,most of my Sundays i spend at home,but today a family event plus a little photo shoot *what good it is,if you don’t click a pic when you’re so groomed* :p and a movie evening ,again with family.

In middle of all this buzz,disturbed a little i was ,then just relax*deep breath, feel confident* pray,  prayers can calm down and give you complete inner peace despite of how hard your situation is 🙂 *just believe*

After dinner settling up with pajamas and sitting in front of lappy,suddenly realized that i haven’t posted anything this weekend! Not just for a post,but i wanted do something like a silhouetted free hand painting. And finally a small ,simple quick try on that, today.Hence the title Night Sky – Picture featuring blue night sky,silhouetted trees and stars 🙂


To be a star you must shine your own light,Follow your own path

To be a star you must

shine your own light,

Follow your own path,

and don’t worry about the darkness,

for that is when

the Stars Shine Brightest! – Credits  to the owner 🙂

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Hello November!


Hello people, It’s my 1ST POST in NOVEMBER! huh, time flies *it’s already 3rd of this month & nearing the year’s end*

How’s the start of November for y’all?

For me it started with my mom’s birthday 🙂 So guess? it was all about having fun with guests and cousins,eating calories*sweets* 😀 plus the october month end was a festive occasion,hence home coming of relatives and cousins was continuing. I usually post daily cos’ of this reason i couldn’t find some ‘me time‘, And finally now i got some time for me and today i did a lot stuff, kannada typography-ing on a serious note,well very productive day i can say! Writing here and posting is really refreshing!

Today featuring my simple succulents – beauty is in everything!! Obviously,it’s in eye of a person who views everything with a positive note and finds beauty in simplest of things! For me, I love how the sun sets ,the drama in the sky, it’s just amazing ,of course it’s common,it happens everyday,but it’s naturally beautiful every single day! You just need to observe the different details and smaller changes ,just cherish the beauty that god has created!  

whenever i see a succulent or especially the one’s from cactus family it excites me, i totally love them,they’re all thorny and prickly still it’s cute in its own way.We can compare it to certain people and their personalities*everyone is unique,just a personality reference* some will be rough and tough to the world, but they’re sweetest to people who they love.


Hope y’all have an awesome month ahead!!

Thanks for reading!


ಕನ್ನಡ typography..

ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) one of the finest and oldest languages in India! Being born and brought up in kannada speaking city(Bengaluru),the awesomest city i’ve ever known,though my mother tongue is not kannada(Telugu pilla),i find myself speaking kannada 99% , and i almost everywhere converse ,in kannada.*its better that way*

As november is coming around, November 1st is Kannada Rajyotsava, i don’t call myself outrageously *i mean overly* patriotic,*there are people who are die-hards,i’m not comparatively nearer*,but  i’ve my own love and way of being a proud kannadati(Karnataka’s girl/women) it’s the place where we earn our bread,not just that it’s my birth place,we have made our living here peacefully,this place has been wonderful most! *no complaints* This state has something for every wandering soul here*if you have been here, you know what i mean* – i’m short of words for explaining my gratitude! 

Every part of this state has something to offer,from beautiful scenery,food,culture and every perspective has its own uniqueness of beauty and surprise filled! I love it for the beautiful places the state’s pride.


  • India’s Scotland –Coorg tops my list,
  • Bengaluru/Bangalore – living here is a blessing!* undoubtedly *(Best climate,city,culture,food,people,metro life) & it’s still evolving wonderfully!! 
  • Chikmagalur- best homestays  
  • Nandi hills is my to go place for early morning bliss & occasional long rides * feels like floating in heaven,up early in the morning(Some out of the world experience)* 

More updates on the list coming soon ..

Before the Month starts, i’m trying my hands on KANNADA TYPOGRAPHY! *from basics*

Kannada typography/ lettering is least found! Not just this occasion inspired me ,but during my first official handlettering times,when dad suggested why don’t you try in kannada! That point ,that pop of idea inspired me .Hence consider it,paying tribute to my state on this occasion*

 PROVERB >> Manasiddare marga (Literal translationIf you have the intentions,there’s always a way!)



*More posts (only pics) coming soon..*

UPDATED : Check  KANNADA – CATEGORY for new posts!

Have an awesome week ahead!

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