Baby Elephant,Awareness & a new thought!


Today in India, it’s time for Diwali ( festival of lights) widely celebrated with colorful lights,diyas,sweets and crackers*Ritual*! About the new thought ,it’s regarding the blog and details about it is in the end of the post.

Well Everything is fine during Diwali! But after reading all those hazardous effects and damage crackers causes to living beings and our environment,Do we still need to necessarily burst crackers?! Sad thing is, most of the well educated people involve in denying the fact and continue enjoying to burst loud and polluting crackers! *Not fair*

As we all know it’s important to save our earth for us to survive,but when all the thought is forgotten on a day like this and without second thought, people everywhere calling it a compulsory ritual starting to pollute and harm animals* yes,even if no animal is hurt,its harmful for them ~ be it the loud sound which affects their hearing, their whole system goes for a toss,they are totally disturbed with those sounds and smell- being a pet lover and pug momie ,i know how hard it is for them to be normal or relaxed and breathe or go out on day like diwali..*

So i request not only because of my doggie being harmed,but to the strays without shelter,they have a weak heart for strong sounds, consider them before bursting crackers, I’m not completely asking  you to refrain from bursting crackers , there are light sounds and non polluting crackers , go with that. It’s just a moment of excitement and fun,but a long time damage to whole ecosystem! *THINK and BE WISE*


Okay! Now about the new thought regarding this blog, Well i’ve plans for making A-Z COLORING CATEGORY! where i’ll be drawing stuffs accordingly! I’m also looking for different authors who can take part in this category! since this is new to me , suggestions or any ideas will help me much!

share a comment on what you think about this 🙂