Good morning! 

Today’s lettering reference is from my favorite Instagram famous Canadian poet Atticus – He’s mysterious,his poems are so simple yet the depth is real! you read it,relate to it and you feel it.It has given so much of motivation,inspire to live and love so effortlessly,it has always made me realize ITS OKAY to fall,fail and love and cos’ you live a short one life,don’t hesitate but LIVE and LOVE.So so much of love in a very eloquent way. I love how he plays with words. Just read the one in image you’ll know. I personally like such short poems because they convey the simplest of things you do, in a best way possible. That madness you carry in you finds right kind of words to describe it.Bliss!! you feel like there’s someone out there who does same mad thing as you,understands and admires that Lil crazy things you enjoy and turns them into a poetic scenario. Happiness in life contains such simple things.It has our hearts not in anything else out of the world or in high end luxuries but THIS!.

PS: The mock is from Pinterest.