This one was made in very short span of time for my niece who wanted me to draw a butterfly late at night!

It happened two days ago but i happened to post it today! It was around 10:30 in the night,on that day when i had my moodswings screwing bad.My niece was around playing with my steadlers,my tools stuff and such.She came asking to draw something for her.When i asked what she wanted,after too many confusions she finally decided that she wanted a butterfly!

Its hard to keep her waiting and she is extremely bad at it too*typical childlife* after her 10 minutes long wait , this was the output! i know its pretty simple but simple things can impact big changes.With just few staedtler watercolor pencils and highlighters,a quick watercolor’ed butterfly and all i could see was her *unique blushy kinda smile*  happy and that made my moodswing shoo away! *Stressbuster* *healing*


No matter if its just a line or whole mandala you’re drawing ,if you are not okay! Just that one thing can make you feel better and relaxed!

Thanks for Reading,



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